Free Android Games That Are Usually Paid

There are only a couple of days left of the year, and what better way to start the new 2019 that comes with the best games you could download on your Android phone. Free Android games that would normally be paid, except now for a limited time. We are going to know these free titles of different genres.

paid games for free

A few days ago we knew that the App Store already allows us to give away purchases within the app for who we want, both in games and iPhone apps.

Free Android Games, Fliplomacy

A game of diplomacy not usual, since it offers us a game mechanic based on the chips of a board that we must go turning to be able to solve the more than 15o puzzles that it proposes to us. Between puzzle and puzzle, we will forge our diplomatic trajectory in a game development to which we are little accustomed, but which works very well. A title that especially surprises us with its original proposal.

One of those games in the first person that uses this perspective to inject fear into the vein with a very dark proposal. A game with an interesting 3D engine that puts us squarely in a world of the most terrifying. A game that puts us squarely in a bunker in the USSR where diabolical tests are carried out with human minds.

Terra Fighter 2 Pro
The fighting games are not the most common in our mobile devices, but this Terra Fighter 2 Pro is precisely the exception that confirms the rule. A game that reminds us of the fighting titles of the late nineties of SEGA, and in which we can fight with a multitude of characters. It has a story mode and another mode duel, as well as a pretty decent 3D graphics engine.

Infinity Dungeon VIP: RPG Adventure
Dungeon games are the most popular of the mobile stores, especially those that are integrated into the RPG genre as this title. A game in which we have to overcome one dungeon after another with characters to whom we can evolve, both in his arsenal and in his individual powers.

One of the most interesting games that we bring today, since it offers us a classic game mechanic, with a 2D side view. In this adventure, we must incarnate Mark, who after the death of his parents have moved to a small city called Sallen city, where he wants to start a new life.

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