How To Fix The Data Connection Loss Problem On The iPhone

The morning of Christmas Eve left us one of those failures of iOS that, although they do not affect 100% of the iPhone users with their updated phones, they have prevented many clients of the brand around the globe to congratulate Christmas to their relatives. At the moment we are still without a patch that solves the incidence of mobile data loss on the iPhone, but there is a way to fix the failure caused by iOS 12.1.2.

data not working

A few days ago thousands of iPhone users in Turkey began to experience problems when connecting their devices to mobile networks in the country. To put an end to this problem, Apple released an iOS 12 update to eliminate the headache of Turkish comrades but soon Twitter and other websites began to be flooded with complaints, from all parts of the globe, pointing to the reproduction of this failure of random form.

Specifically, this latest update of iOS has begun to cause problems for mobile data users around the world, who report that their iPhone suddenly loses mobile data connectivity without there being an apparent reason such as low coverage.

While affected users expect Apple to launch a new operating system update, some customers of the brand seem to have found a way to alleviate this mobile problem when it comes to connecting to mobile networks.

Solutions To The Problem Of Loss Of Data Connection On The iPhone

Some users said they do not have intermittent problems, but iOS 12.1.2 completely disconnects their iPhones from the mobile data connection. causing devices that can not send or receive phone calls or text messages. A small number of users also claim that they have been unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks and inquiring about the configuration options of the mobile they have realized that the problem disappears when executing one of the following actions:

Access the iPhone settings and, within the phone menu, turn off Wi-Fi calls.
From the configuration menu and this time locate the mobile data menu. Within it, access the LTE menu and leave the Voice and data option checked.

These solutions are only temporary solutions since there is no need to disable a specific option to use our smartphone normally. It is a momentary “patch” that should solve the problem of data connection loss on the iPhone while Apple prepares its own software update.

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