Best Link shorteners to share on social networks

Link shorteners have been with us for some time. These are services that convert a long or extensive address into a few characters to share from an online video to an article when we have space limits or to facilitate its dissemination in social networks.

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Among its many advantages, link shorteners serve to disseminate easy-to-share URLs but above all its value is in the possibilities offered by this shortened link: personalization, the privacy of sensitive links, click and visit tracking, etc.

Previously we saw some of the most popular shorteners. We expand this list with more examples of how practical it is to send links once shortened.


Easy to use and free. ShortURL serves to shorten links to remember them easily and spread them wherever you want. As those responsible say, the tool is secure when offering HTTPS access.

As for its usefulness after sharing the link, we can follow the clicks or openings that the link receives. Otherwise, as usual, links created with ShortURL can be opened in any browser and connected device.


Simplify your links, track and manage them. Cuttly facilitates the task of shortening links, with or without registration, in order to send them by email, social networks like Facebook or Twitter and instant messaging like WhatsApp.

In case we want to track the links and know how many times they are opened, from where and from what device and/or browser, we must register. Another possibility that Cuttly offers is to customize the domain of the URL to adapt it to our page or website.


In the case of Rebrandly, depending on what use we give you, we can choose your free services or your paid version.

Among other things, it allows you to manage the links as a team, customize the statistics we want to receive, as well as obtain varied data such as from where you click, on what social networks and from what devices. Finally, Rebrandly allows us to take advantage of the domain of our website to share custom shortened links.

Another practical link shortener that we can use for personal and professional use is In both cases it allows us to create and customize links as well as to make a statistical follow-up to meet customers, users or followers.

The paid versions of allow you to filter clicks by country or region, make the link expire on a specific date, protect shortened links with a password in case of spreading sensitive content, etc.

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